Business Academy Update 2010

Capital Access Program to Host Two Business Academies for Green Entrepreneurs 

Green For All is partnering with the University of Phoenix to convene two Business Academies aimed at supporting green entrepreneurs and small business owners – particularly those from low-income communities and communities of color.  Given the historic marginalization of these demographic groups, it is imperative that they be provided with the basics of the emerging green economy.

Studies show that since 1980, nearly all net job creation in the U.S. has occurred in firms less than five years old.  For the U.S. to successfully stimulate job growth, entrepreneurs and small business owners will need as much support as possible.

The fundamentals must come first.  While there are extensive resources available about how to write a business plan, there is a paucity of material that addresses the steps associated with starting a green business.  Indeed, there is very little content devoted to the needs of capital-constrained green entrepreneurs.

Our Business Academies will attempt to meet those needs.  They will be held at two University of Phoenix campuses in 2010: next month in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and in Portland, Oregon in May.  These daylong Academies will provide attendees with in-depth green business training, and may include the following workshops or panels:

  • Costs and Benefits of Going Green
  • Securing Public and Private Capital
  • Marketing Your Green Business
  • Sourcing and Supplying Green Products
  • Integrating Environmental Practices
  • Success Stories from Green Entrepreneurs

We will also provide supportive networking opportunities, by bringing in small business lenders, investors, and/or government officials.

We hope that the attendees of these Business Academies will come away not only with a better understanding of green business principles, but also with resources they can utilize in their efforts to grow a sustainable enterprise.

To that end, CAP will distribute a variety of publications at these events – such as How to Write a Green Business Plan, Sources of Funds for Green Entrepreneurs, How to Green Your Business, and 10 Accessible Green Businesses You Can Start Now.  Attendees will enter a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, small business owners, capital providers, and policy makers, all of whom share their aim of growing a local green economy.

If you would like to attend one of these Business Academies download the application. If you would like to speak at one of these Business Academies, please e-mail [email protected].