Business Engagement Resources and Guides

The following publications and resources are intended to make green business more accessible and comprehensible. Many aspiring entrepreneurs need help with how to write a business plan that incorporates environmental and social values, whereas others may need to get a basic understanding of industry terminology before they can get their start. Of course, many people may wonder how they can engage the green economy, but either don’t have a business idea, or don’t know where to get start-up capital. Finally, there are plenty of small business owners who may already be running a profitable enterprise, but want to learn more about how they can go green with their operations. These publications and resources are meant for this vast group of green businesspeople, and aim to help them in their efforts to grow the green economy.

Green For All Publications

Note: All guides are in PDF format, between 200KB and 400KB in size. If you cannot open a guide, please try downloading the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

How to Get Started?

How to Start Your Own Business or Social Enterprise

Small businesses provide more than 70 percent of America’s jobs. Green For All is committed to increasing the capacity of these emerging businesses and entrepreneurs — particularly those owned by women or people of color — to be leaders in the green economy. Through online and offline content, Green For All seeks to improve the business skills, social capital and financial support of green business.

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Green For All will host webinars on topics that are essential to the success of green businesses and entrepreneurs. Upcoming webinars will be listed below.