Change for America

The Center for American Progress Action Fund, along with New Democracy Project, has released Change for America: A Progressive Blueprint for the 44th President, to help guide the presidential transition process and steer the government in a new, more progressive direction.

On January 20th, the new President of the United States will take the oath of office on the steps of the U.S. Capitol. Behind the speeches, parades and celebrations that will accompany this ritual transfer of power lies a difficult and complex transition process that will determine the effectiveness and success of the new administration in its earliest days.

The presidential transition period this year is perhaps one of the most challenging and sensitive ever, given the current financial crisis and our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In order to facilitate this transition, CAPAF and NDP brought together 67 leading policymakers, scholars, authors, and former government officials to provide their best advice and recommendations, including Greg Craig, Christopher Edley, Laura Tyson, Joshua Steiner, Maria Echeveste, Harold Koh, Rudy deLeon, and James Lee Witt. Change for America reflects their expertise and insights for how best to shape policy and set priorities to bring real change to America.

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